Yesterday the artist who has created most of Wyrmsun’s graphics, Jinn, finished with an update that is being prepared for the Faction Flair Packs: they’re soon going to include command panels interface graphics of their own. Here’s a preview of the new Frankish interface:

Frankish Interface

Jinn is currently also working on the Teuton temple, which is coming along nicely. The building’s appearance is going to be based on the St. Michael’s Church in Vienna. The structure’s model is finished, as you can see below:

Work-in-Progress Teuton Temple

The next step will be to work on the rendered model pixel by pixel, to produce the 2D graphics used by the game.

Another artist who has worked on a lot of graphics for Wyrmsun, Exidelo, is currently working on remaking the rocks for the forest tileset. To conclude this update, I leave you with a preview:

Work-in-Progress Forest Rocks