I have been fleshing out the Teuton factions pertaining to the Anglo-Saxon branch. Two new Teuton tribes have been added, the Bernice and the Dere, both from the region of Northumbria. These tribes originated from Anglian peoples who conquered strips of the northern English coast. To represent that aspect of their history, their infantry units get a bonus to damage for a certain duration after disembarking from a transport ship. I intend to revisit the disembarkment bonus feature in the future, i.e. giving it to pirate units recruitable at the mercenary camp. Naturally, both tribes use Old English for name generation. In conjuction with the addition of these tribes, three new provinces have been added to the grand strategy mode: Durham, Northumberland and York.

The Teuton temple, based on the St. Michael’s Church in Vienna, has now been finished by Jinn:

Teuton Temple

Those graphics are a really nice piece of work, representing the St. Michael’s Church exceedingly well.

And Exidelo has completed the revamp of the forest tileset’s rocks as well:

Forest Rocks

A particularly nice thing about the new rocks Exidelo made is that they have three variations for destroyed rock tiles. I have improved the engine accordingly to support destroyed tile variations.