More flavor has been added to the Grand Strategy mode. Randomly-generated literary works now appear from time to time.

Random Literary Work

Faction rulers have gained expanded functionality as well. Each one now has their own traits, and the range of modifiers they provide is greater. A few new traits are available, so you may encounter rulers who are “pious”, “wise” or “dim”. Ruler succession has become a bit more intricate. There is a high chance now that a randomly-generated ruler will be the child of the previous one, and random characters can belong to either the civilization of their parent, their province of birth or that of their faction. A Germanic tribe that has conquered Celtic lands may now end up with a Celtic chieftain, if the ruling dynasty falls from grace.

New Ruler

During a playthrough, a goblin interestingly managed to become the chieftain of my dwarven clan. Many years later, a dwarven poet composed the “Kardagsmol” in his honor.