The ability to build roads has been implemented in the Grand Strategy mode. Roads connect tiles to your faction’s capital (identified by a crown symbol), increasing their transport capacity. The quantity of a tile’s output that goes over its transport capacity is thrown away, so it is now essential to connect tiles with roads as you acquire production technologies. You can build roads by clicking on a tile, and then on the button to build a road in a particular direction. Note that roads are only buildable to/from your capital or tiles that already possess roads. Additionally, building a Dock on a province’s settlement now makes it act like a transport hub similar to your capital.

And Jinn has completed the Goblin Stronghold and Towers, as seen below:

Goblin Stronghold

Goblin Watch Tower

Goblin Guard Tower

The work on the dwarven priest has also continued, so that the tiara for his unit graphics are now completed, and the only thing still missing is his robe.