A good deal of work has been done on the goblins. Jinn) has completed a couple of their command buttons, as well as a goblin cursor and a portrait for a new unit: the Goblin Shaman.

Goblin Shaman

Goblin Cursor Goblin Patrol Goblin Return Goods

The Goblin Shaman has access to the Terror spell, which sends his foes away, shivering in fear.


Meanwhile, I completed the code for a system to make skin and hair color variations more expedient, with the engine itself doing the necessary color changes. Jinn then designed the color ramps, which I implemented into the game. As a result, we can now have gnomes with a wildly varying set of colors, and the deep and forest gnomes have come to life in the world of Nidavellir:

New Gnome Colors

Each gnome portrait and spritesheet had to be adapted for use with this new system, and for the future we intend to expand this functionality to other civilizations as well, specially the goblins and dwarves.

And finally, here’s the symbol for the next Faction Flair Pack:

3rd Faction Flair Pack